Monday, September 28, 2009

New Glarus Brewing Company: Organic Revolution

Organic Revolution
New Glarus Brewing Co.
2400 State Hwy 69
New Glarus, WI
10A. American Pale Ale

Aroma: (6/12)
Almost no aroma to be found, very faint citrus/orange.

Appearance: (3/3)
Straw golden cloudiness,
almost witbier/hefeweizen-like. Pours a fantastic
head. The head dissipates quickly and doesn't lace
the glass on it's way down.

Flavor: (12/20)
Low hop character. There is very little flavor to this
beer! In the absence of flavor, the beer is clean.
I wish I could write more to describe it, but there
really aren't any more adjectives to use when
flavor isn't really present.

Mouthfeel: (3/5)
Medium body with medium carbonation, a little
creaminess present. No lingering tastes on the
front or back of the tongue.

Overall Impression: (5/10)
A very strange beer coming from New Glarus.
Every beer I've ever had from them has had
a very distinguishable taste/flavor. Flavors
are very light to almost non-existent. It is a
very easy to drink beer, but with very little
redeeming characteristics. The bottle
mentions this is a hoppy golden ale, I personally
experienced neither!

TOTAL: 29/50



  1. I was pleasantly surprised with this beer, maybe since I had no expectations.
    It's is a lighter beer as you said, but sometimes that is needed, especially after too many Spotted Cows!

  2. You know what, when I had this beer, I almost thought it was Spotted Cow for a second...

  3. It is spotted cow minus the two-man fur suit!