Monday, August 2, 2010

New Glarus Brewing Co.: Dancing Man Wheat

Dancing Man Wheat
New Glarus Brewing Co.
2400 State Hwy 69
New Glarus, WI

Aroma: (12/12) 
Dancing Man Wheat is a Hefeweizen, the bottle states it is a "true Hefeweizen that is 100% bottle fermented". Just like the Hefe's in Germany I've had, the aroma is spot on with of banana and clove esters.
Appearance: (3/3) 
A perfect straw color, hazy from the wheat and the bottling yeast. It poured very effervescently with bubbles racing to the top. A quick swirl brings back the head for a few minutes. Laces well.
Flavor: (19/20) 
Oh, wow! The aroma brings me back to Germany with its spot-on aroma; the flavor does exactly the same. Great banana flavors, wheat malt present and there is a little tartness on the finish; perfect!
Mouthfeel: (5/5) 
A nice medium body, as most Hefe's. As noted earlier, a little tartness on the back end, like true German Hefeweizens.
Overall Impression: (10/10) 
This is by far the best American brewed Hefeweizen that I have ever had, not even close! Summit, Schell's, Flying Dog, Shiner and many others haven't even sniffed the level of perfection that New Glarus has created here! Brings me back to Munich!
TOTAL: 49/50 

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