Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Floyds Brewing Co.: Dreadnaught Imperial IPA

Dreadnaught Imperial IPA
9750 Indiana Pkwy
Munster, IN

Aroma: (11/12)  
Right when I opened this beer I could smell
the hoppy aromas! Extremely nice grapefruit
and pine aroma. Smells great from the get-go!

Appearance: (3/3)  
A very mighty 1 to 2 finger head from bomber pour.
Usually hoppy beers tend to have less head, but not
this guy. Head is fleeting, though. Laces fantastically.

Flavor: (19/20)     
Oh yeah! The fruity and piney flavors hit you right
away and increases through aftertaste - the hop flavors
continues to grow. What a fantastic brew, from crisp
malts to the hop heaven.

Mouthfeel: (5/5)
Light malts create a light body with some creaminess after
sipping and rolling around the tongue - nice! The end is
dry, but not as much as I would have thought from an
Imperial IPA.

Overall Impression: (10/10)
If you like hops and Imperial IPA's, you must try this beer.
What a fantastically concocted beer. One of the best
Imperial IPA's I've ever put my lips on. Wow!

TOTAL: 48/50

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