Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dog Fish Head Brewery: 90 Minute IPA

90 Minute IPA
6 Village Center Boulevard
Milton, DE 19968

Aroma: (10/12)
Huge floral nose.  Hops immediately upfront.
A little sweet flavor as it warms.  Almost 

Appearance: (3/3)
Nice light brown color. The head is one
fingers' width that descends fairly quickly.

Flavor: (18/20)
Nice caramel bite - almost resembles a tripel hopped
up, on first sip.  Hopiness isn't the back of the 
tongue bite, like most IPA's.  Since the hops are added
all the way through the 90 minute boil, there really
is no bite, very smooth!

Mouthfeel: (5/5)
Medium bodied with a good amount of creaminess.
I would expect some more earthiness or grit from
the amount of hops added, but doesn't play out
that way, very nice!

Overall Impression: (9/10)
The continuous addition of hops has really added
a unique flavor and hue to this IPA!  I was expecting
a west coast IPA on steroids, but this is surprisingly
not overly hop-tasting.  A fantastic brew with a kick!

TOTAL: 45/50

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