Monday, November 2, 2009

Founders Brewing Company: Porter

235 Grandville SW 
Grand Rapids, MI

Aroma: (11/12) 
Very nice roasted nose! I can tell this
beer is a strong porter.  Some chocolate
aromas as well.
Appearance: (3/3)  
Pours a very nice head.  Head is
fantastically brown.  Totally black /
motor oil-like.
Flavor: (18/20)
Some sweet roastedness.  Uncanny
resemblence to Bells Kalamazoo Stout.
Nice balance between roasted grains
and hops.  A truly great porter!
Mouthfeel: (5/5)
Body is nice and thick. Creamy mouthfeel,
possible use of oatmeal...
Overall Impression: (9/10)
This is one of the best porters I've had.
Everything from aroma, flavor and mouthfeel
are good / well-done!  Another great beer
from this brewery!
TOTAL: 46/50

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