Friday, November 6, 2009

New Glarus Brewing Company: Belgian Red

Belgian Red
New Glarus Brewing Co.
2400 State Hwy 69
New Glarus, WI
20. Fruit Beer

Aroma: (11/12)
Beautiful tart cherry aroma. A large amount
of sweetness present, as well.

Appearance: (3/3)
Nice reddish - brown hue.  Pours a nice head;
these are highly carbonated!  Head does
dissipate rather quickly, but that is to be

Flavor: (19/20)
Cherries immediately upfront!  The cherry
flavor lingers and then the tartness and
sweetness kick in and doesn't really
fade.  Excellent!
Mouthfeel: (5/5)
Highly carbonated and amount of bubbles
is definitely evident.  Body is light to 

Overall Impression: (10/10)
A cherry wonder of the world! This Belgian
Red is extremely well made and is the
best American made Kriek / Lambic I've had
and from reading further, I guess everybody
else thinks the same.

TOTAL: 48/50


  1. Mmmmm I love all New Glarus brews!!

    You're making me miss living in WI!

  2. Jeremy,
    I know. Any New Glarus brew would be fine with me, too! I look forward to their new creation:
    Cran-bic! Yum!