Monday, March 15, 2010

Oskar Blues Brewing Co.: Dale's Pale Ale

Dales's Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
303 Main Street
Lyons, CO

Aroma: (10/12)  [rate40.png]
A nice light and crisp nose.  There almost seems to be
some citrus or coriander as well.  Slight hop aroma.

Appearance: (2/3) [rate40.png]
A light golden color. The head when poured from the
can wasn't very present at all and it dissipated very

Flavor: (16/20)
It is very crisp, the hops do come forward at the end.
When I opened the can, there was very little sound/
carbonation and tastes somewhat flat.

Mouthfeel: (4/5)
Fairly light as would be expected. Somewhat dry finish,
but very nicely done.

Overall Impression: (8/10)
Dale's Pale Ale has been fairly hyped as a very good
example of the style.  I found it very enjoyable, although not
great. Flavors could be more crisp and the hop bite at the end
outshines the malt.

TOTAL: 40/50

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