Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pike Brewing Company

Exploring the downtown Seattle area on foot is easy and pretty cool, with much to see. Pike's market is a must see. The fish market is a large tourist attraction, where slinging of fish, yelling and many trinkets and baubles are hawked. The market also consists of very nice fruit and veggie stands, selling fresh produce and flowers galore. The area can get pretty packed and when I was there checking it out, it definitely was, so that is when I started to search for Pike Brewing to try a brew. I figure, by the time I'm having a beer, the crowds will have dwindled.

The Brewery/Pub is about a block and a half down the street from the market, so it was an easy stroll to find it. You walk in from the street and you are on the 2nd level, looking down at the Pub.  The view from above is fantastic as you can check out the mash tun, brew kettle and the all of the piping and controls.  As a homebrewer and aspiring brewer, this is the stuff that I like to see. Pike is a large pub with a lot of seating and and tables for large groups and a lunch crowd. On this day that I was in, the lunch crowd was fairly numerous. I, of course, bellied up to the bar to take a peak at the taps and some of the serving tanks (as you can see in one of the pictures).  This place is quite comfortable with a nice atmosphere to imbibe.

Pike_jpg Pikemenu Pike2 Pike3 Pike4 Pike5 Pike6 Pike8

Pike Weisse
Pike Brewing Co.
1415 First Avenue
Seattle, WA

Description from Menu: Light, refreshing, golden brew with 32% wheat malt, Belgian yeast.
Aroma: (10/12) 
Definite wheat present right away, when I put up my nose to the glass. Low hop profile.
Appearance: (2/3) 
A very clean golden color. Very little head poured from the tap.
Flavor: (17/20) 
I am suprised by the very good German characteristics, here. Much more a German brew, it seems. This might be the best or near the best Weisse I've had that is brewed in the States.
Mouthfeel: (5/5) 
Crisp, light and refreshing. The wheat carries though well, through the finish.
Overall Impression: (9/10) 
Very impressed by the fantastic drinkability and German characteristics. I guess I wasn't expecting much from this and any American attempt. But I was pretty much thrown back by the taste and quality. This is brewed with a Belgian yeast, but I couldn't pick that up.
TOTAL: 43/50 

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