Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dieu du Ciel Brewing Co.: Peche Mortel

Peche Mortel
Dieu du Ciel Brewing Co.
259 rue de Villemure
St-Jerome, Quebec

Aroma: (10/12) 
Huge chocolate nose on this one. Chocolate is the only aroma I pick up. I'm not sure if the chocolate over-powers everything else or not, but is all I get.
Appearance: (3/3) 
Jet black, no light gets through this. Half finger head from tap pour; it does vanish fairly quickly.
Flavor: (18/20) 
Coffee dominates the flavor, with chocolate playing 2nd fiddle. Tons of coffee on the front-end. Chocolate surfaces in the middle, then once again, succumbs to the coffee. 9.5%, but there is no heat at all!
Mouthfeel: (5/5) 
Medium to heavy, but more so on the medium.
Overall Impression: (9/10) 
A fantastic coffee Imperial Stout! Coffee dominates flavor, but doesn't overpower the base Imperial Stout. Extremely balanced between the two. Hell of a beer!
TOTAL: 45/50 

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