Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Short's Brewing Co.: Woodmaster

Short's Brewing Company
121 N. Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI

Short's Woodmaster: A high gravity Brown Ale fermented with Michigan maple syrup & toasted pecans.

Aroma: (9/12) 
Huge sweet nut and or hazelnut nose. Huge sweetness from maple syrup used in this brew?
Appearance: (3/3) 
Brown-hued. Pours a half-fingered head from the bottle; it exits stage-left rather quickly. Somewhat murky.
Flavor: (14/20) 
The flavor follows dead on from the aroma. Huge sweetness combined with nuttiness. Level of nuttiness is so high, it seems this flavor comes from an extract.
Mouthfeel: (3/5) 
Medium body. The level of sweetness is off-putting.
Overall Impression: (6/10) 
This beer reminds me of the Henry Weinhard's Hazelnut from many many years ago. Fake / extract flavoring. Way too sweet! Not a beer I will be revisiting. I actually couldn't even finish the bottle.
TOTAL: 35/50 

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