Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bruery: Saison Rue

Saison Rue
715 Dunn Way
Placentia, CA
16C. Saison

Aroma: (10/12)  [rate40.png]
A very spicy nose.  I can detect the presence of
Brettanomyces.  Some slight peppery wafting (yes,
I used that word).

Appearance: (3/3)
Color is a fantastic straw color, but you can still
see through it, unlike a straw-colored hefeweizen.
Very nice and persistant head. Very small bubbles.
Definitely not filtered, sediment due to bottle

Flavor: (17/20) [rate40.png]
Definite bourbon-alcohol burn up front and at
the very end.  Bourbon is furthest up front and
masks the base beer, but is still fantastic.

Mouthfeel: (4/5)
A nice and light beer. Very easy to drink. Pretty
dry at the end - as would be expected from most

Overall Impression: (8/10)
This beer is definitely tasty, but it seems to be
lacking complexity. It is brewed well, but doesn't
have the characteristics to move this beer higher.

TOTAL: 42/50

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