Thursday, July 1, 2010

Town Hall Brewery: AmeriBelg Pale Ale

AmeriBelg Pale Ale

Town Hall Brewery

1430 Washington Ave S

Minneapolis, MN


Aroma: (10/12) 

The first thing to hit me was the citrusy nose, then the Belgian yeast aromas. Nice and light; summery.

Appearance: (3/3) 

From the tap, the beer came to my table with maybe a 1/2 finger of head (see picture). The color of the beer light copper, as would be expected. Zero lacing.

Flavor: (17/20) 

Very interesting! This is definitely a pale ale at the very front of the pallette, and then it migrates into a saison mid-pallette, with a peppery and slightly dry finish.

Mouthfeel: (5/5) 

Pale ale = light, so no surprise here. A pleasant and dry finish. Medium carbonation on the tongue - brings the peppery flavor forward at the end.

Overall Impression: (8.5/10) 

This is a very nice and pleasant treat on the patio. It speaks of summer, and I like it! The Belgian addition to this pale ale was done very artfully and I could session this beer all night!

TOTAL: 43.5/50 

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