Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brouwer's Cafe Seattle

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So, you want to come to Seattle and check out a great array of brews on tap? Well, this is the place to go. They have 60 on tap and hundreds of bottles sitting in the cooler windows for your choosing pleasure. This is like a kid in a candy store for the craft beer fan. I see countless beers available here, either in bottle or on tap that I can't get my hands on in Minnesota.

My first night here, I stopped in for a brew after flying in and taking the light rail to the hostel. I grabbed the bus and went on over to the Fremont neighborhood, where Brouwer's is located. The building is a large and from the outside is industrial in appearance and very modern. The large "church" front door welcomes you in to the large and spacious interior with 20' ft high ceilings. Very industrial on the inside with a long bar and very comfortable chairs. Of course, this is where I found myself. As you can see from the pictures below, a very impressive line of taps and bottles just above.

On Wednesday, October 13th Brouwer's cleared all their tap lines and tapped 60 beers, all local. This was of course great as almost all of these I've never tasted nor heard about. Here is the lengthy list that got me and my new friends I met at the hostel drewling, I will post some reviews from that list in the next posts.

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